January 16, 2023

Introducing The Empress Connection

I had a vision from the Empress that I would be hosting and guiding my own women's gatherings.

It felt imperative and inevitable.

The desire was there to connect more deeply with the people in my communities.

At first this made me feel empowered! I have a purpose connected to my business and career- then scared thinking who am I to do this? 😲

At this time I had enrolled in a spiritual coaching program by my mentor.

Where I had my 1st encounter with the Empress. She stepped forward in a guided meditation journey summer 2022 to help me in this next phase of my life in whatever I desired to create from my heart space. I was open to partnering with her too.

It felt like I was doing that work under the table, -so afraid of being criticised by it, not knowing how I can do that, but noticing that it does happen. 

I wanted our business to “fit in” be practical, tangible and valuable. 

I also wanted it to be personal, meaningful, and specialised. I realised it can be all that because Miguel and I have the range of expertise and we continue to adapt.

As I scrolled through my phone - feeling inspired to make a post I came across this photo of a Bachelorette

aka ☆women's gathering☆ that we did exceptionally well from last year.

In fact I have done a version of this before!

And i'm excited to do it again this time for the Empress Connection and at our new home in Georgina.

So here we are, gathering community and creating space for this in our business.

Allowing the mystery and ideas of the Universe to flow 🌊

If your interested in learning more here is a link that takes you to our Empress landing page.