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I carried this vision close to my heart of hosting sacred,  meaningful and conscious gatherings, making more love evident in my community. -but I kept getting caught in the Tyranny of HOW. I have always thought of our business as spiritual- relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. 

and by creating this business FROM this place we've seen our clients, ourselves and others lean into the most alive, aware and aligned self through presence, connection and celebration. 

We do this by catering to our clients and holding space, process and providing nourishment for their significant life events and gatherings.

I have been working with the Empress Archetype and Energy in June 2022, and It was when I did a Pilgrimage to Sedona AZ to an Archetypal retreat that my Spiritual Mentor/Shaman was facilitating. It was the catalyst to see what was possible and evident within Me to be the one to do this. To call a new reality into being.

When I came back I started to plan gatherings where I was guiding and participating. The 1st was at The Glass Manor for entrepreneurs + our Friday Harbour rental where I invited residents that I knew. Each of the guests that participated did feel the heartfelt impact of community, a resounding truth and felt safe to share in the environment I created for them. 

This concept started Dec 2022 and this journey continues to inspire me to take action. 

There will be more gatherings in the Spring that I will host at various locations and if you are wanting to collaborate, partner, or host 1 at your house with your group I'm very interested and excited to explore more with you!

- Alison Dias

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