February 1, 2023

We’ve Moved!

On Lunar (Chinese) New Years eve we finally got the keys to our home in Georgina!

The month of January we have been focused on our complex move. We had a lot of moving parts: business, toddler, and 5 different places where we had stored our belongings. We were the DIY moving company making multiple trips back and forth.

We moved from our original home base in Simcoe County to the other side of Lake Simcoe.

When we listed our home April 2022 we were looking for something bigger to where we could grow new roots as a family and expand our range of services.

Miguel and I shared the dream of becoming successful business owners. After 2 years we wanted to take action on calling a new reality into being. Offering a legendary dining experience on our land that's full of loving intention, community and authenticity.

This home did not come easy- we weren't even looking in this direction (Georgina) - we were so patient, diligent and resilient to make it through 4 extensions in this market. But the thing is, the moment we both viewed this home together we knew and hoped it would be ours.

At the time we sold our Innisfil home and waited for this home to come forward for us- we were fortunate enough to find an amazing short term lease in Friday Harbour.  It was here where we got to indulge, enjoy and flourish. We were able to stay working in Simcoe County and live in a resort! It was a dream come true and the most ideal situation. 

To be honest I didn't even consider looking for a rental there- assuming it would be wayyy too expensive. In a desperate ‘week of’ attempt I had reached out to our realtor and this was the only option that came available and we grabbed it with both hands. 

This gave us the time we needed to look for the right house and not just jump into an offer based on time limitations.

Turns out we are worth the wait. 

And through this process we became who we needed to be to prepare us for this next phase of our life and our partnership.

Now that were living here, this winter- this month I'm seeing the potential and feeling inspired.

With the fresh snow covering the land I see a white canvas that's ours to make amazing. 

It is an honour to be here at this time in our life.

And we intend to break ground, grow and build here so we can host gatherings + celebrations in a legendary dining experience kinda way, that invokes meaning and genuine connection. For the community around us, our raving clients, loving family and friendly neighbours.

That's what I feel we were guided ~here~ to do