The inception of Turn of Events and Catering

This was the one that got us started and thinking about what could be! This couple faced a lot of hurdles when it came to their original October 2020 wedding. With postponements, venue closures and vendor complications this couple had enough and just wanted to celebrate their original fall wedding in a beautiful way.

Vanessa- a friend of ours had reached out and said she wanted to honor their original wedding date and elope in her family home. Hearing of their wedding planning journey, I just felt called to help. I set up a beautiful outdoor head table for 2 and their photographer asked what my business was called. I was pleasantly surprised and replied “i’m just helping out a friend” and she said wow you should totally do this- it’s so beautiful!” 

For a couple months this conversation played in my head until that little voice got loud enough that I started putting together a plan and building a business that supported our passion and talent with my husband Chef Miguel. We threw all our eggs in 1 basket and here we are nearly 8 months in business doing what we love, together.