September 8, 2021

Purpose and Meaning

What a time to be getting married! A time of change, growth and more of what really matters.

A wedding celebration with only those that matter most, in a beautiful and meaningful location like your family home, cottage or forever home. On a lake, in the trees or in a magical garden - all of these things are what we ourselves consider a dream wedding. A wedding true and uniquely yours, that's an expression and extension of you, your love that shines so bright! We want to be part of that :)

Our business is where our team's gifts and talents come together for a purpose which is to help you embrace this moment by helping plan, cater, coordinate and decorate a wedding of your dreams. We want to honour your wedding and our gifts by making that connection. 

Gone are the days of picture perfect manicured weddings that are ego driven and aim to “please” everyone else. That's not our goal or purpose here. What we provide is our very best in smaller, intimate gatherings and celebrations. This is where the magic happens, this is how big moments have true meaning and purpose.