March 1, 2023

Preparing for spike in Micro Weddings

Couples and Weddings nowadays are being impacted by the increasing inflation and as a result we are seeing an uptick in our wedding inquiries at the Glass Manor venue. 

Noticing many opting out of the big wedding venues and choosing smaller ones (airbnbs + family homes included) making more conscious decisions around their wedding and the life they will live after their nuptials.

The average wedding (ours included) would average to be 150 people and have Engagement parties, Jack and Jills, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Bridal Showers and Rehearsal dinners as part of the celebrations leading up to their wedding. This is a considerable amount of time and money investment for couples, families and guests.

In recent years due to pandemic restrictions modern traditional weddings have scaled back and we saw Micro weddings (30 or less guests) as an amazing solution for many reasons.

  1. They cost less. 30 vs 100 guests is a noticeable difference. You can create a meaningful wedding ceremony + celebration experience with a lot less money.
  2. Theres only room for the ones you love and those who are most important. With 30 people you can't invite all your parents friends/family, coworkers, 3rd cousins. Its really ends up being only immediate family and best friends. Less drama, more peace. 
  3. Your choosing to do it your way. For all the right reasons. Scaling down your guest list may be the toughest part- but did it feel right to invite everyone that invited you to their wedding? Inviting old friendships that are now acquaintances? 

When you only invite who you love there is a strong sense of liberation, happiness, and meaning in your celebrations.

  1. They are flexible and accommodating. If plans have to change its easier to work with your core group and your vendor team involved than have to shift with a larger group with more moving parts. Less stress to plan this way if you have the right support.

These are the weddings we want to be available for and support.

Our job is to compliment all of this so that you can be fully present. Embodying all the love, joy and magic your day will bring to you and those around you.

We’ve been doing Micro weddings with the Glass Manor venue in Cookstown, as well as Family homes/properties and Airbnbs for nearly 3 years. A trend that started a few years back certainly looks like they are here to stay. Couples, families and guests really enjoy this unique and meaningful experience, 1 that they get to be involved with in a special way.