February 28, 2022

Personalised Modern Elopements

This styled shoot is inspired by a Modern day B+G that share an interest for antiquing and all things old fashioned.  


What makes this wedding unique is that they incorporated their own antiques and heirlooms they collected together over the years from the same antique market to use as their own wedding decor.

The Glass Manor venue IS part of the Cookstown Antique Market which makes it the perfect backdrop for their elopement. Vintage, combined with more modern choices for a take that is fresh, yet full of the charm and history from the past.

The joy of antiquing comes not only from a great find, but also from that moment when you figure out how to put new life into an old piece. Much like the traditional way of weddings and whats happening with todays modern elopements!

Still the trend is here to stay. Smaller more intimate weddings are the way of the new world. 

A unique signature experience that is sustainable, predictable and deeply personal- its a special way to have a wedding celebration to treasure your love and the ones that matter most.