July 22, 2022

Imagine waking up to this!

I dreamt this. This was a vision of mine that I kept getting nudges from the universe to do. 

Dreaming is when the subconscious meets our consciousness purposefully, and what a gift this was to bring to actualization.

All the pieces I needed to do this was within my reach and in my being. And when the opportunity/inquiry came in I recognized it and partnered with our client Sabrina who was a clear YES- she gave me the creative freedom to play with. My dream came true because of her.

I sourced the linens and napkins from Chair Decor linens and More- they are our trusted linen supplier. Prior to birthing Turn of Events-  I was an account manager there so my knowledge of their fabulous inventory helps me visualise the possibilities for all our clients🌟.

Next we collaborated with @weddingsupplyco for the tableware which included glassware, cutlery, charger plates and candles. She is our go to for table decor, is a local vendor AND was 1 of our brides earlier this year!

Chef Miguel- my partner in life created the tasteful Celebratory Brunch spread we now have available for order on our online shop!🙌 We find it perfect for the morning of, as you get ready for the big celebration, a weekend getaway, a family get together, or a friends gathering.

The florals, set up, chairs and design was all done by yours truly - Alison Dias

We like to celebrate togetherness, with good food and company. 

And thats us! We make it easier (and prettier) so YOU and everybody in your party can enjoy and feel honoured too. A turn of events for the WIN.