August 24, 2022

Here's what I don't want you to know about me

I regret the way I planned my own wedding. I made decisions that were not correct for me, and that were correct for the venue. The venue where my husband and I worked. I put so much pressure on what my future venue clients would think, what my colleagues would think. When I look back at our wedding photos or videos I see the people pleaser I used to be, how disconnected I was from mySelf and how I let my ego plan my wedding. I was feeling the imposter syndrome in my sales role because I wasn't married and I was doing wedding and event coordination.

I started to feel disconnected from the wedding world- noticing others make the same choices I did and letting the ego lead the way in their wedding decisions.

But then feeling the difference in weddings and couples that are making conscious decisions and how that looks and feels on their wedding day.  

I was falling in love with the connection, the personalization and the love through their details. 

What I do want you to know is that during the last 2 yrs I saw the shift in the weddings and an opportunity to use my creative gift differently in honour of myself and my future client. I am still refining that process by doing my own inner work. I know that by working with clients on a deeper level that supports them in having a celebration the way they intended it to be, holds true meaning and creates a beautiful experience in itself that can be felt by everyone. 

A celebration that rises above the rules/mandates, strict timelines, bridal trends, and wedding traditions that no longer serve. This is my intention, these are the clients that i'm holding space for and that I dream of. 

Our business is spiritual, and we've seen our clients, ourselves and others transform into the most alive, aware and aligned self through celebration. 

This is my unique gift. I am here to guide others through significant life events. Weddings, bachelorettes, celebration of lifes - whatever it is we are catering and holding space for. By living through my own wedding experience and using this lens to see the lesson here- has led me to doing beautiful and fulfilling work. 

Work that honours both parties.