February 26, 2022

Heart centred Event and Catering Professionals

We have always encouraged our couples and clients to have a wedding or event on your terms by focusing on what's most important, which is the unity of your love or connection and celebrating that with your closest family and friends.

To enjoy the party and celebrate a milestone with the ones you love over delicious food, beautiful ambiance and great conversations while we take care of all the work and details.

Its about bringing people together for an intentional and joyous celebration. To honor and continue our traditions and festivities that connect and bring us together. 

Focusing on this basis as the root of everything we do.

We will continue to work with each of our clients, (new and existing) and help them navigate this together because our work serves a deeper purpose. This is what it means to us to be heart centered- we lead with the heart and do it with 100% soul. To take on clients that align with our values and services with and sticking to what we specialise in.