August 26, 2022

Friday Harbour!

In a string of miraculous events we are currently living here!

Here's our personal story of how that came to be. 

We were living in Innisfil and in our 5th year (2022) it was always in the plan to consider moving and we listed our home in April. 

While it was on the market and fully staged- we decided to live temporarily at my inlaws in Bradford. We were there for 3 months before we all reached our limits and the house deal was closed.

We had been looking for our next home but none that we saw were a clear Yes for us. As our closing day was approaching we were really feeling the pressure to find a home. I started to look for Airbnbs and then decided short term rental was the way to go. I connected with our realtor and the only option she provided was Friday Harbour! Which was not something I had considered- thinking it would be too much.

Well it ended up being a perfect fit because we saw the opportunity to flourish here personally, professionally and as a family.

Prior to moving in, we had clients here and admired this community's lifestyle. This is a dream come true and we LOVE being here. We had lived in our home in Innisfil for 5 years and this resort is also part of Innisfil. We are part of the same town but in 2 different worlds!

As Turn of Events + Catering, we specialise in full service catering in Simcoe County + Friday Harbour, in support of those that want to celebrate in their home, cottage, or airbnb. 

We look forward to hosting holiday parties and family gatherings during our time here which will be into the new year 2023!