September 1, 2021

A Season of Hard Work

The seeds have been planted with the start of our business and now comes the season of gathering and giving thanks for the abundance that our hard work and determination has brought. In this season we have taken the time to step back, enjoy, reflect and turn our focus inward knowing that everything we have put in so far: our time, energy and expertise has been worth it!

This year has been a wonderful journey of learning and growing. The events this month were all so special and magical in their own special way and we want to keep bringing that touch with everything we do. Something realized was that we want to make more time and hold space for things we love and value. 

We pour so much of us into everything we do that we learned now to take time to fill our cup back up. This is self care and this is our reality now- where “work” is no longer draining us. This awareness has been empowering and fulfilling!

It's not about back to back bookings and overtime hours that make a business successful (on the surface it does). What we do know from experience is that the road eventually leads to burnout.