July 25, 2022

5 traits of our ideal wedding clients

Lets face it- the weddings these last couple of years are different. From the 1st year of pivots, Zoom elopements and outdoor parking lot weddings. Then into year 2 we saw the shifts from venues and banquet halls to Airbnb weddings. Going from 160 guests to 30. Weddings have evolved and so have we.

With the last 2 years it gave us a moment of pause and to reevaluate what it is we want to be available for, what our values are, and who we want to be of service to. We were taking on clients if we had availability for their date- without knowing we were correct for each other. We were doing amazing work but it wasn't 100% in alignment to our vision.

After working with these dream clients we are seeing a commonality- But it was partnering with Jessica and Nick Sadl’s wedding that made it clear.

They helped us refine WHO is a correct client for us and WHY just by them being their authentic selves. These are all the qualities they embodied and more. We learned that when both parties are a match things just seem to flow with ease, because of the connection which makes for a more enjoyable experience for all. 

✅️ Getting married and having a celebration for allll the right reasons. One that is focused on the love, joy and union of 2 souls meant to be. 

✅️ They want to be honored and celebrated for their decisions to have a wedding that is true for them regardless of the circumstance. Not what society or family believes they should do. They know what they want their wedding to look and feel like- even if its outside the traditions and norms. We are a big YES to this and we can support you through this act of liberation.

✅️ A wedding with the ones that you deeply connect with and feel free to be. Gone are the days where we need to invite out of courtesy- you know that friends wedding you attended as a guest, or the distant family you haven't seen or talked to in a years. Instead it can just be you 2 in an elopement, a micro wedding with 30 guests, or a wedding with 70 of your immediate friends and family. 

✅️ They see the value of creating a beautiful thoughtful purposeful experience for the people they LOVE. A $15k wedding for 30p, vs $60k wedding for 150p these budgets can look very different. 

✅️ A mutual level of trust, love and respect between us that allows to collaborate together. Its your vision that we want to create a meaningful experience with. Were the professionals that you can trust to organize and actualize your event and catering needs so that you can be fully present. You could do it yourself but your mind will be occupied with all the things.

These are the weddings, our clients that we are fiercely holding space for. These are the ones we are available for, made for and meant to work with.

Now are you ready for your Turn of Events?